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j3 Avocados

Grown sustainably in the Bay of Plenty, our rich dark volcanic ash soil allows us to grow some of the tastiest, nutrient-rich avocados in the world.

Proudly practicing kaitiakitanga, we work with Mother Nature to ensure we preserve and nurture our land for our children, and generations to come. For the greater good, we also partner with local iwi, property owners and other land owners to help them develop and care for their land, trees and environment. And to ensure sustainability, we work hard to ensure nothing goes to waste - so every piece of fruit counts.

The pride of our organisation are our people - the hardworking groups of families collaborating together to grow the highest quality, sustainable avocados and proudly delivering them fresh to our customers. Their commitment, integrity, grit and good humour - combined with best practice social protocols for our team members, is what sees us all continuing to strive and thrive.

With the highest standards in place, we monitor every input and ensure our food safety and track and trace systems are leading the way - so every single avocado can be traced back to its orchard of origin.

The j3 brand is your quality guarantee of best taste, value, food safety, traceability and sustainability - and a commitment to supporting our local Bay of Plenty families.